Cheddar Cheese Block

Ingredients: Pressed-paste cheese.

How to use: It can be directly consumed raw, after heating the product or as an ingredient in other products (pizzas, pasta, pastries).

Storage: Keep refrigerated between 3 ºC and 9 ºC.

Origin of milk: Spain

  • Sale points
    *HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Industry) (more information at
  • Nutrition facts
    Average value per 100 grams
    Energy value (kJ/kcal) 1494kJ/360kcal
    Total fat (g) 28,5g
    Saturated fat (g) 19g
    Total carbohydrate (g) 1,5g
    Sugars (g) 1,5g
    Protein (g) 24,5g
    Salt (g) 1,4g
    Calcium (mg) 120mg
  • Logistics

    Peso: 2,100kg / 2,750kg / 3,450kg
    Dimensiones: 210 x 95 x 85mm / 250 x 100 x 105mm / 275 x 110 x 110mm
    Clase de envío: En frío.

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