Whole pasteurized milk – 10l


Ingredients: Whole cow’s milk.

How to use: Can be consumed directly or after heating or cooling.

Storage: Always keep cold, between 2 ºC and 4 ºC. Once opened, consume within three days.

Origin of milk: Spain.

  • Average value per 100 grams

    Energy value (KJ/kcal) 264,2kJ/63,2kcal
    Fat (g) 3,6g
    of which is saturated (g) 2,5g
    Carbohydrates (g) 4,6g
    of which is sugars (g) 4,6g
    Proteins (g) 3,1g
    Salt (g) 0,2g
    Calcium (mg) 120mg
  • Weight 10,5kg aprox
    Box measures 225x192x290mm
    Shipping Keep refrigerated.
    Purchase notes The product will arrive at your home with an expiration date of between 14 and 21 days.